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How Quickly Freight Rates Could Normalise

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Sea-Intelligence, a well-known maritime data and consulting company, stated in the latest market analysis report that although it seems that container freight rates have peaked and started to decline, it may take 18 to 30 months for the freight market to recover. To normal levels.

Sea Intelligence arrived at the above conclusion after comparing the current market situation with the ups and downs of the container market in the past 23 years. The agency pointed out that if container freight rates continue to decline at the rate during the global economic downturn during the financial crisis, normalization may be achieved within one and a half years. Otherwise, the freight market will return to normal at a slower rate-the expected duration is 30 months.

Sea-Intelligence wrote in the analysis: "In essence, the market's rise and fall in the past five cycles have been around 18 to 30 months."

Full text address of Sea-Intelligence report:https:


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