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How Runlab can customise the development of new IVD consumables products

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How Runlab can customise the development of new IVD consumables products - ZHEJIANG RUNLAB TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.

Runlab Technology Co. one professional manufacture for Laboratory and Medical Plastic Consumables for 25 years.

Quality Control of Runlab Technology Co. Ltd.
Runlab has established a perfect quality management system, which is strictly implemented in the production management, and has passed ISO13485:2016 quality management system and product traceability system. We have an independent laboratory for the development of experimental processes and a professional laboratory for the evaluation, validation and testing of consumables for the IVD industry. The laboratory is equipped with an international standard 100,000 class cleanroom.


Product design, analysis
When we receive drawings, samples or comments from our customers, we will immediately hold a new product development meeting with all relevant technical R&D staff to analyse and evaluate the shortcomings and problems that may exist and be encountered in the later production process. appearance, material, production process and the structure of the product itself.


Mould development
Once the new product design is confirmed by the customer, the mould is processed by our high precision mould R&D workshop in accordance with the product design requirements. We have an efficient mould development production capacity and mould quality control to ensure that the time from mould development to mass production of new products does not exceed 45 days.


Mass production of new products
After the trial mould is completed, we will send the trial mould sample to the customer for confirmation before mass production. During the production process, Runlab has a strict quality control department, including daily first inspection, routing inspection, random inspection and shipment inspection, which includes raw materials, product appearance, colour, size, functional testing and so on, until the packaging is completed and sterilized and shipped, and the first batch of custom-developed consumables are delivered to customers.


With advanced and rich experience in the industry, Runlab is equipped with the whole process of quality management control, and can provide global customers with IVD consumables product custom development services, including new product development, mold design and manufacturing, special professional customization, injection/blow molding production, product inspection and other efficient customization of the whole process.

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