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Instructions for use for Runlab Autoclave Bags

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Instructions For Use

For: Runlab Autoclave Bags
autoclave bag(white background)

General Descriptions:

Product Name: Autoclave Bag, Polypropylene material

Further Descrition: Clear/Yellow/Red, variety sizes

General Applications:

1. The Autoclave bag is manufactured from Heavy Guage Polypropylene Material.

2. Suitable for autoclaving up to temperature of 136℃

3. Autoclave bag has blue BIOHAZARD labeling to indicate the Biological or Medical Waste.

4. White panel ensure the user to mark each bag, if required

5. Autoclave bag without labeling (plain bag) is optional.

6. Uniform wall thickness seamless on the bottom design ensures higher pressure bearing.

7. Thickness of wall: 0.04~0.05mm

Certificates Certified: CE, 98/79/EC

Expected Use:

1. Autoclaving all Biological waste or Medical waste.

Note: Plastic lab ware or medical ware should be in sharp container before autoclaving.

2. A 60 minute autoclave cycle (excluding exhaust time) is recommended to allow

enough time for the center of the load to come up to temperature and have sufficient steam penetration. This will insure that the temperature in ALL parts of the load has reached 121°C for at least 20 minutes. If you wish to autoclave waste for less than 60 minutes you must verify effectiveness

3. If possible, usage only once.

Autoclaving procedure:

◆Place materials in a clear autoclave bag.

Notes: If necessary, place materials on a large leak-proof tray.(If autoclaving liquid waste, please place liquid in beaker or flask,not in autoclave bag directly.

Bag should be loosely packed and not more than 3/4 full.

Neck should be left open to allow penetration of steam(Opening should be at least one inch in Dia.). Do not seal bag shut.

If autoclaving more than one bag at a time, be sure there is ample room between bags.

◆Autoclave at 121 Degree for 60 minutes; if more than 136 Degree for 10-20 minutes.

◆After autoclaving is complete, tape bag shut or tighten rubber band and place in regular trash receptacle.

Storage Conditions and Shelf life:

Storage Conditions:

It should be stored in the room temperature where relative normal humidity.

Avoiding sunlight directly (important!)

Avoiding storage under temperature below ZERO(important!)

Valid Date:

Conforming to the regulation of storage, the term of validity is five years from the date of manufacturing.

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