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Runlab 250ml and 500ml conical centrifuge tubes

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Runlab 250ml and 500ml  conical centrifuge tubes

250/500mL conical centrifuge tubes are suitable for large volume cell, supernatant, bacteria, yeast and tissue sample separation and harvesting, etc.
They can meet the requirements of bioanalysis and are widely used in life science fields and clinical experiments and other operations.
250ml 离心管 500ml 离心管

● Unique sealing structure design of the lid, two-way insurance, to ensure the sealing

● Conical bottom thickened design to increase the maximum centrifugal limit

● Maximum centrifugal force 6000 xg

● Withstand temperature -80℃-121℃

● Clear scale for easy data reading

● Pyrogen-free, sterile, and free of DNA/RNA.

● ETO sterilization, SAL=10-6

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The name of Runlab from English 

means we will keep running on the 

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never stop.

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