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Runlab 5ML and 10ML Transport tubes

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Are you looking for 5ml and 10 mL Sterile or Non sterile, RNase, DNase, Pyrogen Free Transport and samples collection Tubes?

We have them millions pcs producing capacity per month and can ship in 2 to 3 weeks after order.

The products have performance as below:

1. Tubes are produced from polypropylene and are RNase, DNase & pyrogen free.

2. Screw caps produced from polyethene and are RNase, DNase & pyrogen free.

3. The caps can be put on the tubes, or packaged separately within the same case as the tubes.

4. Good leakproof at -95kPa.

5. Can be sterile or non sterile.

6. Different colors caps are available.

7. Tubes can be printed with graduations or can be not printed.

8. Free samples are available.


Products to Control COVID-19

The name of Runlab from English 

means we will keep running on the 

laboratory plastic consumables, 

never stop.

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Product List

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