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Runlab Culture tube, Round bottom, with Dual-position Cap

Views: 0     Author: ZHEJIANG RUNLAB TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.     Publish Time: 2023-03-15      Origin: Site


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1. Feature & Performance:

1) Made of ultra clear virgin polypropylene or polystyrene, variety sizes: 17*100mm, 12*75mm.

2) Polystyrene tubes are transparent, withstands centrifugation up to 1400xg and temeperature at 80°C.

3) Polypropylene tubes are opaque ,break -resistant, withstands centrifugation up to 3000xg and temeperature at 121°C.

4) For Dual-position cap: 

* Vented for aerobic cultures work.

* Sealed for anaerobic cultures work.

5) Produced under 100,000 grade clean room, assures DNase/RNase Free, Non-Pyrogen.

2. Related Catalog Numbers:

Cat No. Size(mm) Description Material Pack Qty/Case(pc) Sterility
82141 12x75 4mL PS Individual 500/case EO
82142 12x75 4mL PS 25/pack 1000/case EO
82143 12x75 4mL PS 125/pack 1000/case EO
82241 12x75 4mL PP Individual 500/case EO
82242 12x75 4mL PP 25/pack 1000/case EO
82243 12x75 4mL PP 125/pack 1000/case EO
82341 17x100 12mL PS Individual 500/case EO
82342 17x100 12mL PS 25/pack 1000/case EO
82343 17x100 12mL PS 125/pack 1000/case EO
82441 17x100 12mL PP Individual 500/case EO
82442 17x100 12mL PP 25/pack 1000/case EO
82443 17x100 12mL PP 125/pack 1000/case EO

3. Related Photos:QQ截图20230315110613

More details, welcome to contact with Runlab team!

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