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Runlab Serological Pipettes

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ZHEJIANG RUNLAB TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is located in Huangyan Smart Mold Town, with a modern clean plant covering an area of more than 18,000 square meters, is an enterprise specializing in the development and production of disposable medical laboratory consumables, products are sold to the United States, Europe and Japan, and are widely used in major hospitals, schools, laboratories and biological research.

The main products includes:

Centrifuge tubes;Micro-Centrifuge tubes;Specimen containers;

Transport swabs;Inoculating loops and Cell spreaders;Transfer Pipettes;

Culture tubes;Petri Dishes;Pipette Tips;Weighing boats;Autoclave bags;

Storage boxes and racks for tubes;Storage boxes and racks for Slides,

润兰科技产品图 (4)

Runlab factory runs 4 sets production lines for Serological Pipettes.

The Vol. Includes: 1ml/2ml/5ml/10ml/25ml/50ml.


The products have performance as below:

1.Material: Pipet - Polystyrene; Plug - Polyester fiber

2.Manufactured and packaged with animal-free material.

3.Color-coding on paper allows easy size identification.

4.Individually Paper/plastic wrap allows full view

5.Unique color-coded magnifying stripe for easier meniscus viewing.

6.Exclusive anti-drip tip assures accurate delivery

7.Bidirectional graduations provide choice of ascending and descending scales

8.Negative graduations allow additional working volume

9.3 years shelf life

10.Quality Management System: Complies with the current version of the

EN ISO 13485 :2016Standard.  

11.Non pyrogenic: This product is controlled for < 0.1 EU/mL.

12.RNase-/DNase-free: Free of detectable Rnase/Dnase contamination

13.Sterile: Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6.

14.TSE/BSE free: This product is deemed animal free by virtue of not containing materials of animal origin and/or complies with the latest revision of EMA/410/01 section 6.4.

15.Noncytotoxic: Tested and shown to be noncytotoxic.

16.Volumetric Accuracy: Serological pipets are accurate to +/- 2% at full volume in compliance with ASTM E934, "Standard Specification for Serological Pipet, Disposable Plastic" and ISO 12771, "Plastics laboratory ware - Disposable serological pipettes".

17.Lot numbers and expiration data printed on each pipet wrapper.

18.Integrity test.

Products to Control COVID-19

The name of Runlab from English 

means we will keep running on the 

laboratory plastic consumables, 

never stop.

Product List

Product List

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