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Runlab hot sale Specimen container, Metal screw cap

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* Ideal for sample collection and storage 

*Manufactured from Virgin Polystyene  ,all materials are non-cytotoxic .

*CE marked in accordance with the European Directive 98/97/EC

*For InVitro Use only 

*Leakproof -tested in accordance with BS5213 : 1975 (1989) AppendixA 

*Containers are available in a full range of label options ,no label ,plain label and printed label ( for the clinical market ) 

*All metal caps with flowed seal inert liner ensures exceptional leakproof seal .

Cat No  Description  Material /cap  Pack  Qty /case (pc) Sterility 
22200 No label  PS/ME  Tray  60/Tray ,300/case  EO 
22201 Printed Label  PS/ME  Tray  60/tray ,300/case  EO 
Plain label  PS/ME  Tray  60/tray ,300/case  EO 

Products to Control COVID-19

The name of Runlab from English 

means we will keep running on the 

laboratory plastic consumables, 

never stop.

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Product List

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