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Runlab pharmaceutical packaging materials

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Runlab pharmaceutical packaging materials  

 Runlab Technology Co. one professional manufacture for Laboratory and Medical Plastic Consumables for 25 years.

Runlab, as a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales, has 16 years of in-depth R&D and technical improvement experience in the field of laboratory consumables, biomedical consumables and pharmaceutical packaging materials.


Runlab vial features.

 In terms of the medicine bottles produced by Runlab, for example, they can be divided into injection moulded medicine bottles and injection blown medicine bottles; in terms of the classification of medicines, they can be divided into capsule dispensing medicine bottles and medicine water bottles and oral liquid dispensing medicine bottles; according to the classification of capacity, the full series of Runlab medicine bottles have complete specifications and a wide choice of capacity, which can meet the basic full dosage requirements of pharmaceutical companies; the lids are designed according to international standards with childproof screwing with safety locking lids, which can be used by the raw materials are produced from medical grade high quality polypropylene (PP) and all materials are non-cytotoxic; also, custom colors, printing, packaging etc. are available upon request.


  Runlab has a team of experienced R&D and high-precision moulding engineers with proven, stable and efficient technical experience in the field of pharmaceutical packaging materials, and can customise or develop the internal and external packaging materials for pharmaceutical packaging according to customer requirements.


If you need pharmaceutical bottles or customised inner and outer packaging materials for pharmaceutical packaging, contact us and Runlab will provide you with the perfect solution to contribute to the health of the world.

Products to Control COVID-19

The name of Runlab from English 

means we will keep running on the 

laboratory plastic consumables, 

never stop.

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Product List

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