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Upgrade for Runlab Histology Specimen Containers

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福杯新模具-250ml 500ml

Upgrade Performance:

1) Assures HIGHER leak-proof performance for specimen collection, keep customers away from complaints for "spillage or evaporation".

2) Further improves the smoothness of screwing lids.

3) Increase the wall thickness to 1.2mm ± 0.1mm, to be more crack-resistant & robust.

Selected Capacity:

Here're available from 20mL to 1 liter as following, so as to better fit various needs for laboratories and diagnostics:

1) Produced under 100,000 grade cleam room, so DNase/RNase Free, Non-Pyrogen.

2) Graduated on three sides.

3) Ideal for liquid specimen collection, transportation and storage in harsh conditions.

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lf there's anything met your interests, please contact with Runlab team!

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